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Key Holder Assist Service

When you are notified that the alarm at your business premises has been activated, it can be your natural instinct to rush to the scene. This however, could lead to you coming face-to-face with criminals who will undoubtedly be eager to escape.

In order to best protect yourself and your staff, our key holder assist services will ensure that you are accompanied to your premises by a security professional whose top priority is your safety.

Emergency alarm call out services

Our Key Holder Assist Service (or alarm call out service) is similar to our Key Holding & Alarm Response Service. Both services allow businesses to be supported 24/7 by a trained security officer with keys to your property. 

Key holder assist services however, are best suited to those who also wish to attend their property in the event of a potential breach.

Who will accompany me to my property in the event of an alarm activation?

With our Key Holder Assist Service, you will be allocated one of our experienced security professionals to accompany you to your premises and ensure that you are protected from any potentially dangerous situations.

To promote full security and trust with our clients, all of our accompanying security officers are:

  • SIA accredited and licensed
  • ACS approved and follow ACS best practices

How do key holder assist services work?

In the event of business alarm activation, the process will work as follows:

  1. Our 24/7 security control will be alerted by your alarm monitoring station immediately.
  2. One of our fully trained, SIA Licensed Security Officers will then deploy to meet you at your business premises.
  3. Our trained officers will secure the area and ensure that it is clear from threats.
  4. We will allow you to safely and securely access the premises to check for any signs of loss or damages.
  5. Once all necessary checks and actions have been taken, we will then arrange any further security measures if needed, or;
  6. Re-secure the property and escort you safely off the premises.


A full PDF report of events will then be submitted.

Benefits of Key Holder Assist Services

Investing in key holder assist and alarm call out services has many benefits. Not only is it much safer for you and your staff, but it can help lower insurance costs too!

24/7 assisted protection
Our security officers are available to accompany you to your business premises whenever you need it, eliminating the risk of you attending a potentially dangerous scene.

A deterrent for criminal activity
Potential criminals will have limited time to attempt to enter a business premises, or flee the scene, when you have emergency alarm response services in place.

Cheaper insurance premiums
As key holder assist services act as a crime deterrent, some insurance providers may allow negotiation of lower insurance premiums.

For further information about our Key Holder Assist Service and business alarm response, or for a FREE quotation, please call 01204 861 331 today.


Do I have to attend the property when the alarm is activated?

With our key holder assist service, you’ll need to attend the property with the assistance of our security officers. If you’d rather not attend, you’d be better off with our Key Holding & Alarm Response Service.

Within this service, our alarm activation response is done solely by our security team. They will secure the area, then notify you of the situation and your next steps. You won’t need to attend the premises, no matter what time it is.

What industries do you offer keyholding services to?

We offer our keyholding and alarm response services for many different industries. If you operate out of a dedicated building, it is likely that you will benefit from investing in keyholding services. 

We work with a large range of industries, from retail with O2 to healthcare with the NHS.

We offer keyholder assist services for:

  • Small or large offices
  • Call centres
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Construction
  • Retail

If your industry isn’t listed, simply contact us and we can discuss whether we’d be able to service you.

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