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Business Owners: What Are Your Legal Liabilities of Sending An Employee To Attend An Alarm?

Phil Thompson, MD, of Key Control Services Limited, says that business owners and directors need to understand their legal liabilities when sending out employees to respond to an alarm going off at their premises.

He poses the following questions to local employers that have an alarm system installed in their premises and who either themselves or ask their employees to attend a call out when the alarm is activated often at night time and weekends.

  • Are you a local employer?
  • Do you have an alarm installed at your premises?
  • Can you answer the following questions?
  1. What training have you given your employees to attend an alarm?
  2. Are you aware of the Lone Worker Regulations?
  3. Have the employee(s) had a risk assessment in relation to being called out to attend to an alarm going off at your premises?
  4. Do they have all the relevant info on site for them to deal with a call out to an alarm?
  5. Do they understand the business’ public liability insurance policy i.e. whether they or whoever attends with them (such as a partner, friend, husband or wife) is actually insured to enter your business premises?
  6. Do they get paid for attending the call out?
  7. Do you still expect your employees to attend work later that day (having been called out)?
  8. Why would you risk one of your employees in this circumstances – when professional help is at hand and all the above questions and issues are dealt with and legal liabilities adhered to – for a minimal monthly cost?

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