Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols protect your property day or night using liveried Key Control vehicles. Mobile Patrols are a suitable alternative if Manned Guarding is impractical, or when high visibility is required. The number of patrols to a client’s premises is agreed according to requirements.

Our mobile patrols visit at random times and check pre-determined locations which means you will have the peace of mind knowing we are patrolling exactly what you want us to protect. We give you a detailed report of patrols carried out so you can be confident patrols are taking place and you are notified of every incident that takes place.

Mobile patrols act as an effective deterrent to protect building sites, schools, factories or car parks.

For further information about our mobile patrols’ services or a FREE quote call 01204 861331 or send a message using our contact form.