24/7 security protection for businesses

Security Measures

What security measures does your business or home have?

Crime is an ever continuing problem that we ourselves can never completely stop. But we can take many preventative steps to drastically reduce the possibility of becoming a victim to, the key to this is to have deterrents in place. There are various deterrents that can be used and generally these are systems such as intruder alarm & CCTV systems. However, these systems aren’t great as a standalone entity, there is always a need at some point for human interaction. CCTV systems only capture what has occurred after it has happened and often it is in most cases, the offenders have bypassed the system with ease.

Intruder alarms systems are an excellent tool as a deterrent but are very temperamental and can often suffer many false activations. According to the Metropolitan Police, 92% of all intruder alarm activations are false. Furthermore, intruder systems are generally operated by untrained members of staff or contractors who often fail to set the systems correctly or not at all which stand for the majority of the percentages above.

Did you know that 2 false activations can result in police response being withdrawn?

The solution is to have a cost effective security company in place to deal with all your security arrangements, there are many different services that can be offered, the main four are ‘Manned Guarding’, ‘Alarm Response/Key holding’, ‘Mobile Patrols’ (including void property inspections) and ‘Lock/Unlock service’, all these services are completely dependent on your needs and all should be tailored to exactly how you need and want them.

The most popular service for a business premises is to have is ‘Alarm Response & Key holding’ often coupled with a ‘Lock & unlock service’. These two services combined will give you a guarantee your premises are secured and protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It is also common to have a ‘mobile patrol’ carried out throughout the evening at the premises, this provides a high security presence onsite which can be the biggest deterrent of all, the visit should always be at random having no set routine or patrol route, giving less chance to a would be intruder and most importantly giving you complete piece of mind.

Did you know that there were 237,917 burglaries recorded at non-dwelling premises in 2012?

There is becoming more of a need for people to work longer hours resulting in their home being left unoccupied more than ever. And as a result of this domestic properties are more vulnerable and house burglaries are ever more common. ‘Alarm or Home Response’ services are becoming a popular thing to have. These services are also an excellent idea if you are away for long periods of time whether it is for business or pleasure.

If you’re considering a security contractor, make sure you do your research, large branded companies often fail to provide the service you expect and often even fail to carry out the correct vetting on their employee’s, if you’re putting your trust in any contractor they need to be honest, reliable and most importantly trust worthy.

Sam Rayner.
Head Supervisor.